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Each 2022 Noah's Ark Silver 1oz coin is legal tender in denomination and is issued by the Central Bank of Armenia. The Noah's Ark silver coins are of the highest mint quality and purity and are produced by one of Germany's most modern private mints.

Every 20 coins are housed in sealed plastic tubes from the mint, and every 500 coins are housed in wooden boxes directly from the mint. All coins are placed in fully protected packaging, and when the coins are placed in the plastic tubes, high quality preservation technology is used, which prevents the precious metal from reacting with airborne components and protects it from tarnishing.

The obverse of the silver coin shows the coat of arms of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the denomination and year of the "500 DRAM", while the reverse, designed by Eduard Kurghinyan, shows a flying dove and an olive branch, with Noah's Ark floating on the flood waters in front of Mount Ararat, with the sun just rising in the background.

Noah's Ark Series

The Noah's Ark silver coin was first introduced in 2011 and is issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. The coins are produced in accordance with the strict requirements of the Central Bank: the purity and weight of the precious metals and the quality of the coins are checked and guaranteed by the state. The design is deeply rooted in history. According to the Bible, Noah's ark was stranded on Mount Ararat after the rain. Mount Ararat is the national symbol of Armenia and its striking shape can be seen from the capital city of Yerevan and is closely linked to the cityscape.

Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 999
Face Value 500 Drams
Year 2022
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Issuing Country 亞美尼亞
Manufacturer Bavarian Central Mint)
Sizes (mm) 38.6 x 0 mm
Thickness (mm) 2.8 mm