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Fable Series

The protagonists of the Allegory series are the female incarnations of Germania, along with other national incarnations. In the Western world, the first female incarnation of a country is usually a majestic expression of the values that are considered to characterize a particular national or regional community. Many of these figurations come from the image of the goddess Athena and adopt the Latin names of ancient Roman provinces such as Germania, Poland, Britain, and Italy.

The 2023 Allegory Series - Galilee and Germania silver medallion, 1 oz. is the final coin in the "Allegory" series. This series depicts anthropomorphic images of countries around the world, featuring beautiful, voluptuous and strong women. This year's coin, symbolizing victory over the forces of domination, is intended to bring hope and comfort.


Both Galia and Germania have a history of being occupied by other tribes and of fighting against the Roman Empire. The obverse of the coin shows an anthropomorphic representation of Galia and Germania, with two beautiful women standing hand in hand, symbolizing victory. The swords in their hands are put away after the battle, and the remains of the victorious Roman Empire are scattered at their feet.
Galea wears a Roman breastplate and slippers, indicating the cultural integration that was necessary to cooperate with the occupying power. She holds a Gaulish spear and wears a special Gaulish crown with wings on her head. On her head she wears a branch of oak, symbolizing the tree that has accompanied her since the beginning of the series. She holds a shield with the image of a two-headed eagle on it.

Reverse side

According to the previous series, the image on the back is the coat of arms representing moral principles and noble values. The crowned shield is divided into four parts, each of which has a traditional meaning, precisely defined by heraldry. The shield itself is a symbol of truth, loyalty and trust. The crown corresponds to authority and nobility as well as to chivalry.
The Germania Mint's figurative design of the two-headed eagle is a Roman mythological symbol associated with Janus, the god of all origins, the keeper of gates, doors, passages and bridges, the guardian of contracts and alliances, with the head facing in the opposite direction symbolizing the past and the future.
The checkered pattern refers to wisdom and prudence, the characteristics of every noble monarch. The gold ribbon with three flowers: the flowers represent the decisive values of a strong and independent nation, unity, integrity and freedom. The boar, symbol of strength, was a very popular and respected animal in the Roman Empire: Legio I Italica, Legio X Fretensis and Legio XX Valeria Victrix were the three most famous Roman regiments, whose coat of arms was the boar. The coat of arms is surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves, which symbolizes loyalty, stability and national unity. In mythology and ancient times, only those with great power (spiritual, muscular or magical) were allowed to wear it.
All of the above symbolic values are respected by both Germanic and Polish.

Germania 鑄造廠簡介

Germania Mint,一個由Kurowski Group於2018年創立的品牌,源自1986年的家族企業,如今已成為收藏和投資產品的國際標桿。以獨特設計和精緻工藝聞名,Germania Mint的產品結合了藝術價值與投資功能。從銀條到精美硬幣,每件作品都展現了對創新和卓越的不懈追求。

Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 9999
Year 2023
Series 日耳曼尼亞寓言系列
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Manufacturer Germania Mint
Mintage (pcs) 25000
Sizes (mm) 38.61 mm