Scottsdale Stacker® 10 oz Silver Bar

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NT$ 11,363

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Stack your wealth into a tower of strength and pride with the Scottsdale STACKER® Lion Silver Bar 10 oz, crafted and uniquely branded by Scottsdale Mint. Known for its stacking design, this silver bar will make your investments stand out.

The front of this Lion King silver bar displays the Scottsdale Mint's large, distinctive and eye-catching logo. The lower portion is inscribed with the words "Scottsdale Silver 999 Fine Silver 10 Troy Ounces" and the words "In God We Trust" in strong faith. The highly three-dimensional surface has a finely beveled edge that fits perfectly into the insert on the back, creating a solid stack. The delicate pattern on the edges further emphasizes its craftsmanship.
The reverse side features a delicate security logo with the words "Made By Scottsdale Mint" encircling the center. The remainder of the bar is filled with a gorgeous security spiral swirl design. Each silver bar is engraved with a unique serial number, highlighting its uniqueness and value.
The Scottsdale STACKER® Lion King Silver Bar 10 oz demonstrates your unwavering pursuit of wealth and appreciation for value with its durable design and high quality sterling silver. This Lion King Silver Bar is the ideal choice to preserve and increase your value.

Special Features

  • Contains 10 ounces of 999 sterling silver.

  • Precise design, so that the front raised panel and the back inset part fit perfectly.
  • Obverse: displays the Scottsdale Mint logo and is engraved with the weight, purity and the words "In God We Trust".
  • Back: Features a small Scottsdale logo with the words "Made By Scottsdale Mint" engraved on it. The remainder of the piece is filled with an ornate anti-counterfeiting spiral swirl design.
  • Each silver bar has a unique serial number that adds value and uniqueness to it.

關於 Scottsdale 鑄造廠

隨著每年對貴金屬條和硬幣需求的增加,全球越來越多的私營設施致力於生產他們最獨特的金條產品。Scottsdale 鑄造廠是美國知名的私營造幣廠,有著別具一格的理念。不像大多數造幣廠專注於歷史設計,Scottsdale 造幣廠則有多款不同風格和獨特設計的貴金屬產品,例如埃及文物銀幣系列和聖經銀幣系列。Scottsdale 的金銀條產品是真正的獨家系列,讓收藏更增價值與樂趣。造幣廠也與多國的外匯儲備銀行合作,為像剛果、斐濟和乍得這樣的國家生產法定貨幣。

Scottsdale 鑄造廠的歷史

Scottsdale 鑄造廠位於美國亞利桑那州的斯科茨代爾市,是一家私營的造幣廠,並不為美國政府生產硬幣。這家公司專門生產銀和金的條、章和外國政府的硬幣。造幣廠是一家通過ISO 9001-2008認證的公司,並承諾環保採購其貴金屬。他們的銀產品大多來自回收銀,來源包括製造業和攝影行業。該公司還強調品質、創新、誠信和可持續性的文化價值。

Metal Silver
Weight 10oz
purity 999
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Manufacturer Scottsdale Mint