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以義為先的白袍軍神 — 上杉謙信





In 1467, the first east-west war in Japan has begun. Every Daimyō, the seigniors of Japan, rose and fought for the inheritance of the ninth generation supreme general. With the fully civil war, Japan had officially entered the Sengoku Period. As the saying goes “A hero is known in the time of misfortune”. In the war mist and the latter of horses’ hooves, numerous heroes and legendary warriors were born in this age of rivaling warlords.

Through the arts of precious metal, the series of coins and medals will lead the collectors to explore the great battles and heroes in the Sengoku Period. And by collecting the series, we will find out how the heroes implemented their spirit of Samurai or fulfilled the ambition of ruling all the land, and wrote down their name on the page of history.

Uesugi Kenshin, the God of Army in White Robe After the death of his father, Uesugi Kenshin led the army for defending the land against the rebellious courtiers and won the first fully victory at his age of 14. After putting down the rebellion, the young Kenshin inherited the fief land “Echigo”, started his legendary story and won the famous name “The Dragon of Echigo” from other Daimyō.

At the back and in the middle of the medal is the “Kamon” (family crest) of the Uesugi family, two sparrows in a bamboo grove, represents the official position of Kenshin, the command of Kantō. The bamboo has the symbol of rising and bravery in Japan, shows out the quality of the warrior family. The map of ancient japan at the bottom right corner marks the location of the land Echigo, and the background of the medal is Kenshin’s castle on the hill, the castle of Kasugayama.

With strong faith of “Bishamonten”, one of the Four Heavenly Kings in Japanese Buddism, as the god of warriors and a punisher of evildoers, Kenshin rose the flag of Bishamonten in every battle, and claimed himself was blessed and possessed by it, and truly become an invincible general. In all Ken-shin’s life, he fought no injustice battle, and hold the faith of “righteousness first”, and rarely invaded other small countries. In all 71 big battles in his life, Kenshin made an amazing record of 61
victories, 2 defeats and 8 draws. By defeated the most powerful Daimyō at the time, Oda Nobunaga, in the battle of Tetorigawa, Kenshin’s fame spread all over Japan, and won him another famous title in Japanese history, “The God of Army.”
Throughout all the generals at the same time, there was only one opponent could be Kenshin’s match, Takeda Shingen, knowing as “The Tiger of Kai”.

What present in the front of the medal is one of the scenes in the battle of Kawanakajima, which took almost ten years between Kenshin and Shingen. Leading the famous cavalry of Uesugi, and wearing in the white robe, Kenshin charged in the front line as the god of the warrior with the flags of dragon and Bishamonten. By drawing away from the main forces of the enemy, he aimed the command post of Takeda Shingen, prepared to assault alone and cut the head of this ferocious tiger of Kai⋯

金屬 白銀
收藏幣重量 1 oz
純度 999
發行量 (pcs) 1000
直徑 (mm) 40 mm
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