About Us

TRUNEY means True Money. Compared to the paper money that people use every day, gold and silver are real wealth, and as inflation becomes more and more severe and banknotes become worthless, gold and silver are more important in preserving value. In this time of economic turmoil, TRUNEY offers the Taiwanese people a quality option to protect, hedge, and invest their money.


TRUNEY was founded in 2010 with a mission to provide the public with the best environment to trade precious metals.

Domestic Physical Precious Petals Trading

You can trade online or at our branch offices. The main types of trading are: gold and silver coins, gold and silver bars, collectible coins, etc. There are also precious metal buyback services and gold and silver materials trading

International Physical Precious Metals Trading

TRUNEY not only offers precious metals trading in Taiwan, but also in New York, London, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as the major global markets). We provide quality quotes for you to trade precious metals in any market you want.

Fully Insured Vault and Transportation

TRUNEY has partnered with the world's largest fully insured logistics companies - Brinks, G4S, Malca-Amit, and Loomis - to provide fully insured transportation of your assets to designated locations around the world at any time, and if you want to allocate your assets in major markets around the world, you are free to choose where you want to allocate your assets.

Paper Precious Metals Trading Service Consultation (coming soon)

TRUNEY also provides consultation on paper precious metals trading services in the international market. TRUNEY's precious metals trading platform in the international market is operated in a way that is fully in line with the international market, and we provide quality quotes for investors who want to simply earn the spread. TRUNEY can also provide you with a physical allocation service if you want to allocate a physical entity after closing a trade on the platform.

Company History


TRUNEY was established in October 2010. The biggest mission of the company is to focus on providing the best precious metal trading environment for the public in Taiwan.


TRUNEY has assisted in the development of the silver investment market in Taiwan, providing over hundreds of thousands of ounces of silver to the people of Taiwan.


TRUNEY and Solar Taiwan entered into a strategic partnership to provide more valuable silver commodities for a more robust silver investment market, and became Solar's largest distributor in Taiwan that year.


TRUNEY cooperates with Heraeus, the world's largest mint, and is the exclusive distributor of Heraeus' Kine gold bar series in the Taiwan market.

TRUNEY has signed a contract with Brink's, the world's largest third-party insured vault and logistics company, to provide better and safer logistics and precious metals vault services to the public.

TRUNEY Hong Kong was established to provide the public with cross-border precious metals allocation options.


TRUNEY became the sole authorized agent for Swiss Precious Metals in the Greater China market. TRUNEY offers the same level of storage as Swiss Precious Metals - FreePort Vault - in Singapore, providing the best environment for tax-free offshore allocation of precious metals, art, and wine assets for high net worth clients with tax saving and investment needs.


TRUNEY established a sales office in Taipei in response to the growth of the investment market.


TRUNEY established a sales office in Kaohsiung in response to the growth of the investment market.


TRUNEY cooperated with SOLAR to launch its own brand, which has successfully swept the silver investment market in Taiwan, and TRUNEY silver bars have become the most popular investment commodity among the public.


TRUNEY completed contracts with Mint Metalor and ABC providing buyers in the international market with more options to trade precious metals.

We have completed contracts with the top four global insurance logistics and vault companies, G4S, Malca-Amit and Loomis, to provide more efficient and fully insured professional transportation and vault services for precious metals worldwide.

TRUNEY is traded on the world's major precious metals markets - New York, London, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo - so that the investing public can choose to trade and allocate precious metals freely in the world's major markets and exchange them between markets according to their needs.

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TRUNEY has completed contracts with many major gold and silver coin manufacturers, bringing professional solutions to customers' gold and silver coin manufacturing needs.


TRUNEY is authorized by Niue, FIji and other countries to issue coins, and we are able to produce gold and silver coins with denomination values for our customers.


TRUNEY has signed a contract with MKS PAMP, and is the only agent in the Taiwan market, providing the public with more choices of PAMP-related products.