Transaction Instructions

How to buy
  • Order Online
    Pleaseregister your account first, and then follow the shopping process to complete your online order after successful registration.

  • To make a purchase at the showroom, please call in advance to inquire, and Appointment
    To the showroom purchase
    Please call us first and make an appointment to confirm that we have the item you want to buy before you go to the showroom.
    Taichung   +886-4-2255-1118
    Taipei         +886-2-2181-1663

Purchase Process
  1. LoginRegister

  2. Select product and add to cart

  3. Enter basic information such as the purchaser and shipping address 

  4. Choose the delivery method, invoice receipt method, and payment method, and complete the payment

  5. Please call to provide payment information or fill out the online remittance notification form. 

  6. Send your goods via logistics or make an appointment online first to pick them up at the showroom
    *Please note: TRUNEY does not provide cash on delivery service*.

Payment Method

We accept: TRUNEY e-wallet, virtual account payment from Taiwan Bank, credit card, and UnionPay card.

  • Before you make a purchase, you must deposit an amount in New Taiwan Dollars into your TRUNEY E-wallet (the E-wallet shows a Taiwan Bank 14 code account, which is a separate and exclusive personal member remittance account, so you can go to your bank and make a predesignated account to transfer funds to your account for future purchases).*Please note: TRUNEY currently does not support other currencies such as US dollars*.
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  • After the order is sent out, a virtual ATM account (16 codes) will be created, which can be used for ATM transfer (the transfer will fail if the non-designated agreed transfer limit of each bank is exceeded) or ATM payment (the maximum amount of a single transaction is $2 million). The validity period of this order is 1 hour, after the validity period, the payment may still be successful, but the order cannot be established, if you need a refund, you will have to pay a refund fee of $50.For more information about ATM virtual account payment, please refer to:ATM&WebATM Virtual Account Payment Process
    *We will not provide you with a virtual account by email or SMS, please contact our service staff if you need to know your payment account.

  • Taiwan Domestic Credit Card
    The domestic credit card handling fee is 2.8% of the total order amount. Please do not use this cash flow with non-Taiwan domestic credit cards. If you use a foreign credit card, please select "International Credit Card Payment" to settle the bill. If you do not choose according to the above regulations, we will unconditionally cancel your order。

  • International credit card
    The international credit card processing fee is 4.2% of the total order amount. If you use a credit card issued outside Taiwan, please select this payment method.

  • Line Pay
    Line Pay processing fee is 3.2% of the total order amount.

  • DBS and original Citi Bank credit card installment payments
    For three-month installment payments, the credit card handling fee is 5.4% of the total order amount.
    For six-month installment payments, the credit card handling fee is 6.6% of the total order amount.
    For twelve-month installment payments, the credit card handling fee is 9% of the total order amount.
    Please do not use foreign credit cards for this payment method. If you are using a foreign credit card, please select 'Foreign Credit Card Payment' at checkout. Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the unconditional cancellation of your order.

Order validity period

Due to the continuous fluctuation of the international precious metal market, the order price is subject to the E-MAIL order you received. Once the E-MAIL order information is received, the final price of the transaction will be locked and will not change. Please complete the payment within 1 hour. , if you have time problems and cannot pay at the specified time, please let us know in advance.

Cancel Order

Due to continuous fluctuations in the international precious metals market, failure to make payment on time will be considered a breach of contract. If the order is canceled (contract terminated) resulting in damages, TRUNEY reserves the right to demand compensation for the loss amount and legal liabilities. Please take care of your credit status and do not abandon orders for the sake of short-term convenience.



Price Adjustment Policy and Pickup Rules

If you have not yet placed your order, the price will continue to update until you complete your order.