Brink's Insured Vault

Brink's is committed to providing our clients with professional security delivery services, value storage of all types of valuables and proper risk management. With over 158 years of experience, Brink's offers a full range of 24-hour cash and valuables logistics management services to a wide range of industries, including retail, middlemen, banks, government departments and public institutions.

Brink's has always adhered to the concept of a "one-stop logistics network" to provide customers with the safest, most complete, and most reliable domestic and international "door-to-door" logistics services. In Taiwan, Brink's has a wealth of expertise and experience, and its global network gives Brink's an advantage over its competitors. With a network of more than 110 countries and 39,000 employees, Brink's is one of the largest security logistics companies in the world.

Brink's prompt quotations and service are essential to those who invest, collect and trade in precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. To give you a competitive edge in the industry at all times, we are committed to responding and acting as quickly as possible to meet your needs.

Brink's is internationally recognized for its professionalism and service. In New York, Brink's Global Services is an authorized depository for the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX/Comex) and in London, Brink's headquarters is recognized as a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) depository and accredited volume merchant. The quality of our service is recognized by international organizations, proving that Brink's is the security logistics company you can rely on.

Fee Schedule


Monthly storage fee per ounce: NTD$5

Minimum monthly storage fee: NTD$1,800


Monthly storage fee per ounce: NTD$0.5

Minimum monthly storage fee: NTD$1,800

Insurance Transportation Fee

Taipei area: Total value of items * 0.065% + $1,350

Other areas: Total value of items * 0.065% + $2,350


The above quotation does not include 5% tax

If the deposit fee generates a decimal point, the fee will be calculated by unconditional rounding

Third-party storage fees are charged for a full year at one time, and if the storage time is less than one year, the excess storage fee will be refunded after the "days" fee is calculated.

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