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We are very pleased that TRUNEY Limited has been supported and accepted by the general investing public in the precious metals market. The public has clearly responded most directly to our fair, open, and honest dealings.

From the first year we started TRUNEY, our business has grown far beyond our wildest dreams, and I hope we can meet any needs you may have on your journey to investing in precious metals.

Therefore, we focus more on how to provide more advantageous price and better service.

Since 2010, Switzerland has been under pressure from the U.S. to establish a tax inspection mechanism with the U.S., and its long-standing safe haven of wealth has been destroyed.

On a global scale, the impact of CRS is even more significant.

After years of hard work, TRUNEY is proud to be a dealer in many major markets around the world. What we want is to remain focused on providing the best environment for the public to trade precious metals.

We hope that everyone in Taiwan will have the opportunity to trade in the global precious metals market.

TRUNEY opens up global precious metals trading as you've never imagined. Independent and completely free from political coercion and influence from any country, the entire process is secured and transported by the most heavily armed guards, so that the only people who know what is stored here are you and the vault that doesn't talk, so you can store your most valuable assets here and not have to think about taxes at all.

This relatively private level of vaulting used to exist only at the top of the pyramid, so how exciting it will be when you finally realize that you can not only join the ranks, but also keep your most precious wealth in the safest place in the world, so that your hard-earned efforts will not be taken away by the government at all!


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Singapore Free Port Vault


Cross-border asset transfers and transactions, excellent asset stealth, transfer and inheritance methods.

TRUNEY offers you a variety of ways to trade precious metals, so you can buy or sell precious metals in the major global trading markets, depending on the local market conditions.


TRUNEY offers armed vault of valuable assets in various GST/VAT-free zones around the world (except Taiwan), enjoying absolute privacy and confidentiality.

All assets held in storage are fully insured by Lloyd's of London, a favorite of LBMA mints worldwide.


We offer you the service of buying and selling physical precious metals in major markets and holding them in an insured vault in the trading market you chose, all of which can be checked "at any time" in different markets.

If you want to transfer precious metals across markets, TRUNEY can help you do it quickly.

If you want to sell your precious metals in vault, TRUNEY is just a phone call away and can handle it for you quickly and remit the funds to your designated account.

Who needs this service?

People who want to avoid single-country political risk and allocate precious metals assets around the world

People who want to convert funds directly into physical entities overseas

People who are thinking about transferring assets to others in hiding, inheritance

People who want to move their assets freely around the world and are looking for quick liquidity to invest in local business markets

People who want to sustainably accumulate assets that will not be affected by changes in national policies and laws


Insurance coverage for natural forms of precious metals includes robbery, theft, explosions, aircraft accidents, earthquakes, fire, water damage, floods, and theft related to these events.


Customers are not subject to any credit or bankruptcy risk arising from financial deficits.


Minimum charge for the use of the vault: spot price*0.48%/per kg/year, minimum quantity: 10kg (gold), range of charges include:

  • Management services include all management matters related to segregation of storage and custody

  • Highly secure vault storage in various tax-free zones

  • Armed guards at all stages of precious metal transportation

  • Ownership certificate issuance

  • Full insurance, warehouse receipt issuance, annual statement


1. 交易

Simply make a phone call to TRUNEY to fix the price、tell us where you want to store、remit then all will be done.

2. 轉移的方式

A. Directly pay the transportation fee from the vault in the Duty Free Zone in A to the vault in the Duty Free Zone in B.

B. Sell at international market price in A, buy at international market price in B at the same time, and put directly into the local duty-free zone vault.


A:Around 2-3 days

B:All can almost be done in 24 hours


Want to allocate your precious metals assets globally? Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, we will face the impact of government or geopolitical conflicts.

We have signed the best deal with the international markets and now you can enjoy the safest and most liquid way to allocate your precious metals assets in the world, just like the wealthy at the top of the pyramid, by investing only a minimal amount in precious metals.

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