Customized Services

Gold/Silver medals, coins, banknotes and other products

Combining our experience with global foundries, we are honored to be able to provide an unprecedented high quality and efficient production process for the customization of Taiwan's precious metal goods market, and we look forward to a better precious metal craft market in Taiwan as a result!

Why choose us?

TRUNEY specializes in high quality craftsmanship level customization of products with the main goal of ensuring that your ideas become reality.

In the past years, we have done countless products for companies and individuals in different countries, and we have been able to realize all the product ideas and techniques from different needs with the advanced minting technology. We are able to complete many processes and details for you:

  • General coins、rounds、medals、bars

  • Ultra-High relief coins、rounds、medals、bars

  • Statues、shoe-shaped ingots (Yuen Bo)

  • Gold / Silver banknotes

  • 3D laser

  • Various surface finishing

  •  Different metals electroplating

  • Coloring

  • Inlay objects of different materials in the product

  • Surface multi-angle imaging method

How to start?

We understand that you are full of ideas that cannot be transformed into products. In fact, it is so simple to let TRUNEY carry out the process of precious metals, you only need to provide high-resolution drawings or samples, and we can work directly according to the drawings and samples, and then check the details with you for the finished samples.

How to make coins with a denomination?

TRUNEY is proud to have obtained the authorization of many issuing countries. However, the production of denominated bullion coins requires a more involved process, including document applications with the issuing country, totem design restrictions, central bank announcements in the issuing country, etc. This results in a difference in production time compared to regular bullion medals. However, you don't need to worry about these issues because TRUNEY has a standardized process that allows you to quickly learn and grasp all the details required for bullion coin production.

How we charge ?

TRUNEY understands that cost is definitely the most critical issue. However, the cost varies depending on the nature of the product, the quantity, and the level of the craft, but you can rest assured that because we work with the foundry so frequently, we have already saved you money on the front end.

You don't need to think about the cost of building a whole machine from scratch, which means we can accept small orders and help you keep your budget under control for the process you want.

TRUNEY is committed to the most efficient way of customizing our services, and if you have a precise product idea, we can make a complete quote within 3 working days.

More Details?