2023 Mythical Forest Beech Leaf 1 OZ Silver BU

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NT$ 1,522

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To reveal to you the final chapter of the Mysterious Forest Series - the beech leaf silver medallion 1 oz. This series is a respect and tribute to nature's majestic trees, and the beech tree represents divine wisdom, endless life and natural laws. People believe that in its canopy lives Svarog, the Slavic god of fire and sunlight, and this claim is confirmed by the beech tree's ability to withstand lightning strikes.

In ancient times, people believed that the Slavic gods of fire and sunlight, Svarog, lived in the canopy of their trees, a belief validated by the trees' resistance to lightning. By eating the young leaves and fruits of the beech, one enters a special state of inner peace, free from distractions and deeper communion with the gods. Under the shade of this tree, people have a dialogue with the gods, and the beech tree has become an ideal location for statues, places of worship, and mounds.
This exquisite silver medallion is engraved on the front with the leaves and flowers of the beech, showing the special effect of its fruit to induce illusions. The reverse depicts a two-headed eagle symbolizing the past and the future, holding lightning in its claws, a symbol of the power of God, representing the power of creation and destruction.
The 2023 Mystic Forest Collection - Beech Leaf Silver Medallion 1 oz are kept in a protective case so that you can appreciate its exquisite design. The accompanying certificate provides all the necessary information and guarantees its originality so that you can collect it with peace of mind.

Germania 鑄造廠簡介

Germania Mint,一個由Kurowski Group於2018年創立的品牌,源自1986年的家族企業,如今已成為收藏和投資產品的國際標桿。以獨特設計和精緻工藝聞名,Germania Mint的產品結合了藝術價值與投資功能。從銀條到精美硬幣,每件作品都展現了對創新和卓越的不懈追求。

Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 9999
Year 2023
Series 神話森林系列
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Manufacturer Germania Mint
Mintage (pcs) 25000
Sizes (mm) 38.61 mm