NINE DRAGONS WITH PEARL 5 Oz Silver Coin 18888 Francs Chad 2024

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NT$ 16,780 (VAT) NT$ 16,780

NT$ 16,780

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2024 Kowloon Playing Pearls Antique Silver Coin: A Timeless Collection for Generational Legacy, Where the Dragon's Fortune Soars

Leaping at the intersection of history and art, Kowloon plays with the pearl, auspiciousness takes the stage!

This 2024 Nine Dragon Playing with Pearl antique silver coin, with its exquisite craftsmanship and profound cultural heritage, brings you a precious experience that can be collected and passed down for generations. The nine dragons on the front are flying in the sky, playing with pearls, and lifelike, symbolizing good luck, power and longevity. Each dragon is carved with traditional carving techniques, and the details are carefully depicted, perfectly showing the majesty and agility of the Chinese dragon, demonstrating the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

Grasping the pearl with nine claws, the meaning is profound:

  • The Splendor of Ten Claws: Symbolizing eternal glory and radiance, this homage to the classics not only emphasizes the excellence of craftsmanship but also the precious value of collection.

  • Raging Waves: The tumultuous waves on the reverse side symbolize the ups and downs of life and the infinite possibilities, adding artistic depth and meaning to the silver coin.

Key selling points:

  • Limited Edition of 199: Each silver coin is individually numbered, highlighting its rarity and collectability.

  • High-quality silver material: Made of high-quality 999 silver, with clear details, excellent texture, and long-lasting.
  • Investment and Art: Not Just an Artwork, but a Valuable Investment Worth Passing Down.

Having this silver coin is akin to possessing a journey through time and culture. Whether as a highlight of a personal collection or as a precious gift passed down to future generations, it will bring you unparalleled significance.

Save now, embark on your journey of dragon luck!

Metal Silver
Weight 5 oz
purity 999
Face Value 18888 Francs
Year 2024
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Republic of Chad
Mintage (pcs) 199
Sizes (mm) 60 mm
Packaging 盒裝