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NT$ 11,020 (VAT) NT$ 11,020

NT$ 11,020

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2024 Dragon Dance Across the Sky 2 High Relief Antique-Colored Silver Coin - Traversing through time, embracing the auspicious essence of Chinese mythical beasts

Symbol of authority, containing the energy of heaven and earth

Let me introduce you to one of the most iconic mythical creatures in Chinese mythology - the Yellow Dragon. Legend has it that the Yellow Dragon is the leader of the dragon kings, residing in the vast and boundless ocean. Its magical powers are limitless, capable of controlling the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, thus maintaining the balance and order of the world. It acts like a guardian deity of nature, protecting all living beings.

Exquisite casting craftsmanship

This 2-ounce pure silver coin, with a diameter of 80mm, is crafted using ultra-high relief techniques that bring the majestic image of the Yellow Dragon to life atop the coin. Every detail, from the scales to the claws and teeth, is meticulously presented, making it appear as if it has stepped out of mythology, offering you a sensation of traversing through time and space. To highlight the collectible value of this coin, artisans have employed vivid enamel coloring and an antique finish. Through the enamel, the vast ocean where the Yellow Dragon resides seems to unfold before your eyes, with surging waves, demonstrating the Yellow Dragon's mighty power over nature. The antique silver treatment adds an ancient and mysterious texture to the coin, as if it holds the power of mythological tales, enhancing its value as a collectible. The "2024 Dragon Dance in the Azure Sky 2 High Relief Antique Colored Silver Coin" is not just a collectible item but also embodies the auspicious essence of Chinese mythical creatures. The Yellow Dragon symbolizes authority, wealth, and auspiciousness. Collecting it or gifting it to loved ones signifies warding off evil, attracting wealth, and bringing good fortune.

Key selling points:

  • The exquisite high-relief technique brings the image of the Yellow Dragon to life on the coin, with realistic details and a strong sense of three-dimensionality.
  • The vibrant enamel colors add a brilliant hue to the silver coin, making the image of the Yellow Dragon more majestic and powerful, as if it were alive.
  • The special antique craftsmanship endows the silver coin with a sense of historical depth, highlighting the legendary aura of the Yellow Dragon.
  • Limited to 399 pieces worldwide, it is a collectible treasure not to be missed.
  • Each piece comes with a unique serial number, authenticity certificate, and exclusive packaging, making it convenient for collection and display.

Collect it now, bring home the dignity and legend of the Chinese mythical beasts, and let it become a treasure passed down through generations!

Metal Silver , Copper
Weight 2 oz(白銀) , 11.5 oz (銅)
purity 999
Face Value 10000 法郎
Year 2024
Technology 超高浮雕 , 全彩
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Republic of Chad
Mintage (pcs) 399
Sizes (mm) 80 mm
Packaging 盒裝