2024 2oz Cameroon Bible Stories -The Seven Days of Creation .999 Silver Antiqued Coin

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NT$ 5,380

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2024 Bible Story Series - Creation 7 Days High Relief Antique Silver Coin 2 oz - God Speaks, Creating Something from Nothing!

About 'Creation in 7 Days

The story of the seven days of creation is a classic from the Book of Genesis in the Bible. It narrates how God created the heavens, the earth, and all living things within seven days. This classic is not only central to the beliefs of Judaism and Christianity, but it is also a significant treasure of human civilization. It offers a unique perspective on major issues such as the origin of the universe, the nature of humanity, and the order of the world, and has had a profound influence on subsequent thought and culture. The story of the seven days of creation can be understood from multiple angles. Literally, it can be seen as a historical account of how God created the world. Symbolically, it can be viewed as a story about the relationship between God and humanity. Theologically, it can be regarded as a narrative about God's attributes and plan. The story of the seven days of creation is both simple and complex. It is a beloved bedtime story for children and a topic of endless debate among theologians. No matter how you understand this story, it represents a deep and meaningful reflection on the origins of humanity and the universe.

  • Day One: God created light and darkness, dividing day from night. Light symbolizes goodness and order, while darkness symbolizes evil and chaos.
  • Day Two: God created the sky, separating the sky from the waters. The sky symbolizes God's dwelling, while the waters represent chaos.
  • Day Three: God created the dry land and the seas, allowing the dry land to produce grass, vegetables, and fruit trees. The dry land and seas symbolize the basic structure of the world, while plants represent the flourishing of life.
  • Day Four: God created the sun, the moon, and the stars to govern the day and night, the seasons, and the years. The sun, moon, and stars symbolize God's authority and order.
  • Day Five: God created the fish in the seas and the birds in the sky. Fish and birds symbolize the richness and diversity of life.
  • Day Six: God created mankind, the beasts of the earth, the livestock, and the creeping things, symbolizing the strength and diversity of life.
  • Day Seven: God completed His work of creation and then rested, symbolizing His perfection and completeness.

Exquisite design, masterfully crafted

"2024 Biblical Stories Series - Genesis 7 Days High Relief Antique Silver Coin 2 oz", themed on the story of the "Seven Days of Creation" from the Book of Genesis. The obverse of the coin features the story of creation over seven days in high relief antique craftsmanship, presenting each day's creation with exquisite detail. At the center is the majestic image of God, draped in a robe, with hands outstretched creating all things in the world: the sky, the ocean, plants, celestial bodies, and various forms of life. The reverse side depicts the classic story of a dove with an olive branch in Noah's Ark. After the great flood, Noah releases the dove, which returns with an olive branch, symbolizing that the floodwaters have receded and peace has been restored to the world. Since then, the dove with an olive branch has been seen as a symbol of peace and hope. In modern times, the image of the dove carrying an olive branch is widely used in various peace movements and activities. The image of the dove with an olive branch is not only a longing for peace but also a hope for a beautiful future, holding significant cultural significance. Additionally, the coin also features purity, weight, denomination, and year of issue information, each housed in a dedicated display box and comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure its collectible value.

Key selling points:

  • Cast in 999 pure silver, quality guaranteed.
  • Themed around the 'Seven Days of Creation' story from the Book of Genesis in the Bible, it holds significant religious and cultural significance.
  • High-relief design vividly presents the story of the Creation in seven days, offering significant artistic appreciation value.
  • Using antique craftsmanship, giving the silver coin a profound sense of history.
  • Limited global release of 1,000 pieces, an unmissable collectible treasure.
  • Each collectible coin comes with a certificate of authenticity and a dedicated display box, making it convenient for collection and display.

Collecting the '2024 Bible Stories Series - Creation 7 Days High Relief Antique Silver Coin 2 oz' is not only an understanding of mythological origins, but also represents your recognition of exceptional craftsmanship and your love for the classics of the Bible!

Metal Silver
Weight 2 oz
purity 999
Face Value 2000 法郎
Year 2024
Technology 超高浮雕
Series 聖經故事系列
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Cameroun
Mintage (pcs) 1000
Sizes (mm) 45 x 0 mm
Packaging 盒裝