2021 Q and The Great Awakening .999 Proof Silver Round 1oz

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Q and The Great Awakening 


    Observe : Quantum particles as the base, including Q, the iconic skull, and " WWG1WGA ".

    Reserve : The glowing periphery of the Earth, symbolizing the arrival of The Great Awakening. As < Alice in Wonderland >, Alice followed the rabbit that only she could see and fell into the rabbit hole. Because she feels dull and bored with the real world, they have fantasies in their dream world and fall into their subconscious. The rabbit with the "Q" symbol in the lower right corner of the earth represents the entrance to the cave that leads to the search for secrets and the search for the truth in it. The 3D Hologram technology makes the light around the earthshine even brighter!

    Packaging : Each silver round is packed in a square capsule with a paper sleeve designed with quantum particles as the background, and the specifications and individual serial numbers are marked on the back.

    ✓ Using refined 99.9 purity silver raw material, mechanical milling of the surface to remove impurities, and cold rolling under strict environmental conditions, each process is kept clean.
    ✓ Rolling out mirror-bright strips with very small thickness tolerance on a dedicated finishing machine, minimizing the error value to obtain the best edge and avoiding any contamination, scratches, followed by bright annealing.
    ✓ Polishing is performed, and the mirrored, shiny, perfect blanks are placed in a clean, lidded receptacle in strict accordance with the required quantity in preparation for embossing.
    ✓ The 8 optimal angles are using the technique - 3D Hologram technology that strikes directly on the silver round with the advantage of the optical phenomena of refraction and dispersion of light. These 8 different angles are cut on the front and back of the silver round so that the silver round can emit a colorful light without compromising the refraction of light in 1 ounce of weight.
    ✓ Each silver round is individually serial numbered and wrapped in a protective box and paper sleeve.

Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 999
Year 2021
Quality Proof
Mintage (pcs) 17000
Sizes (mm) 38 mm