2oz Achilles' Shield Silver Stacker

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NT$ 2,384 (VAT) NT$ 2,384

NT$ 2,384

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Unlike much of Greek mythology, Homer goes into great detail on what the shield looked like. he described the centre as being filled with The Earth, sky and sea, the sun, the moon and the twelve constellations, Around that was depicted two city scenes, one of a legal trial, the other of a military seige. Around that was another ring filled with scenes of life, both urban and rural. The coin seems to have taken close inspiration from the 1820 interpretation of the shields description by Neo-classical Italian painter, Angelo Monticelli. It’s a complex piece of art, so CTK have taken the sensible decision to reproduce as much as possible to the highest standard, rather than compromise it all for the sake of completion. As a result, the outer ring of scenes was omitted, rightly so, in our view. Perhaps if they decide to do a one-kilo variant, as they did with Doggaebi, it can be restored. We weren’t expecting another stacker coin so soon after Doggaebi, as they’re not very common, but we have to say that this is a stunning piece of coin art. Each unit weighs in at two-ounces of 0.999 silver and has a diameter of 50 mm. There’s a light antique finish which looks excellent in the images. We’d expect this to be priced a little higher than the average – you’d be a bit foolish to expect otherwise – but if the premium isn’t excessive, we’d jump for these all day long. Available to order shortly.

Metal Silver
Weight 2oz
purity 999
Technology 超高浮雕
Quality Antique
Sizes (mm) 50 mm