TIGER TALLY Of Qin Yangling The Great Seal Set 2x2 Oz Obsidian Black Silver Coins 2$ Solomon 2022

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NT$ 11,800 (VAT) NT$ 11,800

NT$ 11,800

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TIGER TALLY Of Qin Yangling is named after its resemblance to a tiger. It was a token used by ancient emperors to grant military authority to their subordinates and to deploy their troops.

The black antique three-dimensional coin set is marked with weight, purity, year, country and denomination on the inside of the left and right side of the TIGER TALLY Of Qin Yangling. The back of the Qin Yangling Tiger Talisman is minted with the golden inscription "The talisman of the armor is on the right side of the emperor and on the left side of Yangling". This means that the right half of the talisman was kept at the emperor's place, while the left half was kept at the general's place at Yangling. The "talisman" is a kind of token commonly used in ancient China, which is generally divided into two halves, and when the two halves are combined, it can be used as a proof of making and keeping a contract for a certain kind of affairs.
Metal Silver
Weight 2 oz × 2
purity 999
Face Value 5 SBD
Year 2022
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Solomon Islands
Mintage (pcs) 401
Sizes (mm) 31.4 × 89 mm