2oz Shield of Henry II of France Antique Silver

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NT$ 3,545

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King Henry II of France was fond of playing with swords and spears, so he left behind many of the finest weapons and equipment he ever used.

The shield depicts the story of Hannibal, the Roman general who defeated the Carthaginians in 216 BC.

It is a metaphor for the long struggle between the last kings of France and the Holy Roman Empire.

The shield is surrounded by a decorative pattern, and a closer look at the pattern reveals some H and C letters.

The H stands for Henry, the C for his queen, Catherine de Medici, and the D for Henry's mistress, Diana Poitiers.

The letters are embellished with a crescent moon, a personal symbol of Henry II, and an indirect allusion to his mistress, Diana, the goddess of the moon.

Metal Silver
Weight 2oz
purity 999
Quality Antique
Sizes (mm) 42.5 x 60 mm