PAMP Suisse New Design 1 oz Gold Bar - (Suisse logo)

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NT$ 77,541 (VAT) NT$ 77,541

NT$ 77,541

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PAMP Suisse plain Design Gold Bar 1 oz - (Suisse logo) is professionally minted in Switzerland by PAMP in a 99.99% pure gold. The front side consists of the letters "Suisse" appearing in a repeating diagonal pattern, while the reverse side depicts the PAMP Suisse hallmark, weight and purity, as well as the unique 6-digit serial number. This hallmark guarantees that the gold used to cast the bars has been tested and certified to represent authentic and the best quality.


MKS PAMP是一家瑞士寶貴金屬提煉和制造公司,其金條和其他產品在市場上備受青睞。該公司提供多種金條重量,從1克到12.5公斤不等。PAMP公司是瑞士國家銀行、倫敦金銀市場協會(LBMA)、倫敦鉑金市場(LPPM)、迪拜多商品中心(DMCC)、芝加哥金屬交易所(CME)、紐約商品交易所(COMEX/NYMEX)、東京商品交易所(TOCOM)和上海黃金交易所(SGE)認可的“優質交割”供應商之一。此外,PAMP還為私人公司和政府造幣廠提供定制鑄幣服務,其產品涵蓋從小金條和獎章到法定貨幣錢幣。


Metal Gold
Weight 1oz
purity 9999
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Manufacturer PAMP
Thickness (mm) 1.71 mm
Packaging 檢驗卡裝