2022遺產圖標 - 埃及仿古銀幣

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NT$ 7,980 (VAT) NT$ 7,980

NT$ 7,980

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This beautiful 2 Oz Silver coin is dedicated to the Egyptian God Re-Harachte.

The coin has an Antique Finish quality, is Gold plating, with a nice shape and has a special onice insert. It comes in a themed case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage to 1.000 pcs worldwide.

The reverse of the coin depicts a pharaoh standing in front of the god Re-Harachte under some precisely minted hieroglyphics. Re-Harachte is an affiliation of the gods King and Horus, which is why he is depicted as a man with a falcon head and as the god Horus, with a disc representing the sun on his head. Instead of the sun disc, this coin bears a beautiful black onyx cabochon insert.

The obverse of the coin features the Coat of Arms of Mali and the inscriptions: “REPUBLIQUE DU MALI” – the issue country, “2022” – the year of issue and “1000 FRANCS” – the face value.

Metal Silver
Weight 2 oz
purity 999
Face Value 1000 CFA Francs
Year 2022
Series 遺產圖標系列
Quality Antique
Issuing Country 馬里
Mintage (pcs) 1000
Sizes (mm) 60 x 35 mm