2023平衡 - 太極銀幣1盎司

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NT$ 961

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The 2023 Niue Taiji Silver Coin, 1 oz, is made of 9999 pure silver. The most distinctive feature of this commemorative coin is the engraving of the Tai Chi pattern, a traditional Chinese philosophical concept that represents the unity of opposites such as yin and yang, emptiness and reality, and motion and static. The Tai Chi design has a high status in Chinese culture, symbolizing harmony, balance and flow.

The coin is also engraved with the year and denomination, and is of pure color and exquisite design, making it very suitable as a collector's item or investment product. This coin has a limited mintage and is only issued at certain times, making it a very high collector's item.

If you are a collector or investor, this 2023 Niue Taiji Silver Coin 1 oz is definitely worth collecting. It not only has a beautiful design, but also embodies the profound connotation of Chinese culture, making it an extremely valuable and meaningful coin.

Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 9999
Face Value 2 Dollars
Year 2023
Series 平衡系列
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Issuing Country Niue
Manufacturer Pressburg Mint
Mintage (pcs) 10110