2023 Australian Antarctic Territory - Emperor Penguin 1oz Silver BU Coin

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NT$ 1,404 (VAT) NT$ 1,404

NT$ 1,404

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This coin is issued by the Royal Australian Mint and features the animals of the Australian Antarctic Territory. On the obverse of this coin, the image of the Emperor Penguin is used as the theme, with its majestic posture and unique markings, showing the majesty and charm of the Emperor Penguin. On the reverse side of the coin is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with the inscriptions "ELIZABETH II" and "AUSTRALIA", as well as information on the weight, fineness, year of issue and denomination of the coin.

The Emperor Penguin was named after the famous naturalist John Foster, who traveled with Captain James Cook on his second voyage of discovery (1772-1775). They can adapt to the cold climate of the Antarctic continent and are the only penguins that can breed in the freezing winter. The king penguin is now a Near Threatened species, mainly due to the impact of commercial fishing on their food source and the loss of ocean ice due to climate change.
The Imperial Penguin coin is available in limited mintages and is ideal for collectors and investors. This coin is legal tender of the Australian government and can be legally circulated within Australia.


澳洲皇家鑄幣廠(Royal Australian Mint)成立於1965年,位於澳大利亞首都堪培拉,是澳幣的生產製造地。

Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 999
Face Value 1 美元
Year 2023
Series 澳洲皇家南極領地
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Issuing Country Australia
Manufacturer Royal Australian Mint
Mintage (pcs) 25000
Sizes (mm) 40 x 0 mm