VALKYRIE Femina Bellator 2 Oz Silver Coin 2000 Francs Cameroon 2023

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NT$ 8,100 (VAT) NT$ 8,100

NT$ 8,100

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Once upon a time, under the skies of Northern Europe, there was a group of goddesses who were the leaders of the brave, known as the Valkyries. Now, we have minted this unique and ancient myth on this 2023 Valkyrie antique coin, so that you can touch this legend and glory from the ancient times.

This coin is the inaugural piece in the Femina Bellator series, which revolves around the elegant and powerful maidens of war. In high relief, the figure of the Valkyrie is vivid and strong, her figure is athletic, her gaze is determined, and the weapon in her hand seems ready to fight for faith and justice. The moon stone on the helmet, like an aurora borealis in the Nordic night sky, shines with a mysterious and beautiful light. It is said that when the Vikings looked up at the aurora in the night sky, they thought it was the light of the Valkyrie's sword, guarding their people and their land.
The Valkyrie silver coin is cold and mysterious, just like the ice world of Northern Europe, cold and gorgeous. It is not only a silver coin, but also a testimony of history, a reenactment of myth and a praise of fearless spirit. Let this coin add a unique color to your collection, so that you can feel the power and passion from the Scandinavian mythology while admiring it.

Metal Silver
Weight 2 oz
purity 999
Face Value 2000 法郎
Year 2023
Technology 超高浮雕
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Cameroun
Mintage (pcs) 500
Sizes (mm) 55 x 0 mm