ELEPHANT Expressions of Wildlife 2 Oz Silver Coin 2000 Francs Cameroon 2023

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NT$ 6,800 (VAT) NT$ 6,800

NT$ 6,800

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On the earth, there is a creature whose mammoth body, sturdy tusks and flexible trunk inspire awe at the greatness and wonder of nature. It is the elephant. This magnificent life force is skillfully engraved on the 2023 Wildlife Series Elephant Antique Silver Coin, allowing you to feel the shock and emotion of this life up close and personal.

The Elephant Silver Coin is a perfect conclusion to the Wildlife Series. The five main characters of this series present the colorful and richness of life in their own unique forms. On this coin, the elephants are vividly depicted in high relief, and every detail is clearly visible, as if one can hear the steady and powerful stride of the elephants, and can feel their unique vitality. On the reverse side of the coin, every grass and stone of the grassland where the elephants live is delicately engraved. Looking at this vibrant grassland, it is as if you can hear the sound of the wind blowing through the grass and feel the freedom and harmony of the elephants living in this land.
This elephant antique silver coin is not only an art piece, but also a kind of praise to nature and a kind of reverence to life. It subtly integrates the magic and greatness of nature into the modern minting art, so that everyone who touches it can feel the power and vitality that originates from nature.

Metal Silver
Weight 2 oz
purity 999
Face Value 2000 法郎
Year 2023
Technology 超高浮雕
Series 野生動物系列
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Cameroun
Mintage (pcs) 500
Sizes (mm) 50 mm