2023加拿大9999雄偉的北極熊母與子銀幣1盎司 - 檢驗卡裝

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NT$ 1,680 (VAT) NT$ 1,680

NT$ 1,680

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Let the love of life shine with the 2023 Canada 9999 Mighty Polar Bear Mother and Child Silver Coin 1 oz - Card Set, which brings together the touching emotions of the Arctic Icefields in 99.99% pure silver. The craftsmanship and unique design make this coin a perfect choice for collectors and precious metals investors. Each coin is packaged in a card format, allowing you to fully appreciate the intriguing sunburst luster and paw print of the mother and child polar bears on the coin.

Movers and shakers paw print logo

The mother and child bear paw effect symbol is the unique symbol of this series, and the 2023 edition subtly features the mother and cubs side by side on each coin to show the warmth of family.

Radiant sunlight thread luster

The radiant lines on the coin form a striking sunburst luster, giving the engraving art infinite vitality and passion.

Canadian artist Pierre Leduc's masterful design features a warm scene of a mother and child polar bear on the ice field on the obverse of each coin. One cub stands and leans on the mother, drawing her attention, while the other cub follows closely behind. The warmth of life is evident in the mother-child bonding set against the luster of the sun's lines and the mother-child bear paw special effects logo. The reverse side features a portrait of Elizabeth II painted by Susanna Blunt, as well as four pearls and a distinctive double date mark symbolizing the statues of Canadian coinage's successive queens. Also engraved are the coin's fineness, weight, "CANADA" - the country and "2023" - the year.

An investment treasure and a collector's item, the 2023 Canada 9999 Mighty Polar Bear Mother and Child Silver Coin 1 oz - Card will infuse your collection with the ecological beauty of the Arctic and the deep emotions of mother and child.

Special Features

  • Silver coin is minted in 1 oz. of 99.99% pure silver

  • Limited edition of 20,000 pieces worldwide

  • Each uncirculated coin is specially treated during the production process and is packaged in Royal Canadian Mint authorized packaging with a guaranteed weight.

  • The world's purest precious metal in an easy-to-collect, easy-to-gift format. Each coin is enclosed in a card package.


加拿大皇家鑄幣廠(Royal Canadian Mint)是一家全球知名的鑄幣和金屬製品製造商,位於加拿大的渥太華和溫尼伯。該機構自1908年成立以來,一直負責生產加拿大的流通和紀念幣,並且經常為其他國家提供鑄幣服務。




光亮未流通(Brilliant Uncirculated) 或 BU 幣是指從未流通過的錢幣。顧名思義,未流通的精美錢幣保留了剛從鑄幣廠出來時的光彩和光澤,有時被稱為“鑄幣狀態”。光亮未流通幣採用手工打磨和拋光模具壓印,以產生一致的光澤,雖然 BU 幣的標準比金條和流通錢幣更高。但它們沒有精鑄幣的額外細節和表面處理水平,這就意味著它可能會帶有一些生產過程中的正常痕跡,例如磨損、氧化、白斑或鑄造痕跡等。這些特性並不會影響其作為貨幣的基本價值,但對於某些尋求精鑄幣的收藏家來說,這些可能會被視為錢幣的美學缺陷。所以在您選擇購買之前,我們希望您能了解並接受這種商品的這些特性。如果您對此有所理解並同意,我們歡迎您隨時下單購買。

Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 9999
Face Value 5 Dollars
Year 2023
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Issuing Country Canada
Manufacturer The Royal Canadian Mint
Mintage (pcs) 20000
Sizes (mm) 38 mm
Packaging 檢驗卡裝