The Diana of Versailles Silver Statue

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NT$ 24,000 (VAT) NT$ 24,000

NT$ 24,000

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Turning the pages of history, the melodious silver melody bounces gently between the pages. Elegant, tough and mysterious, these words have been used to describe the goddess Diana over the course of time, and now these spirits are embodied in a silver statue that will become a treasured heirloom for you. The silver statue of Diana at the Palace of Versailles, with its superb craftsmanship and unique cultural connotations, will ignite your quest for beauty and your love for the classics.

Based on the statue of Diana in the French Palace of Versailles, this silver statue depicts Diana (Greek name: Artemis), the Roman goddess of hunting, dancing elegantly with a deer, as if revealing a secret message of nature and harmony in a tranquil forest. The statue known as "Diana and the Deer" is now located in the world-famous Musée du Louvre in Paris, where it is an eye-catcher for many art lovers. The original has been called "Diana and the Doe", "Diana the Hunter" and "Diana of Ephesus". It is a partially restored Roman copy from the first or second century AD, originally a Greek bronze made by Leochares in 325 BC, but lost to the world.
This interplay of history and legend is now recreated in the silver statue of Diana at the Palace of Versailles through meticulous craftsmanship. We have endeavored to preserve its original appearance and to make the details as vivid as the real thing. The historical texture and the pure luster of the silver create a sense of time travel. In your collection, it is not only a piece of art, but also a gift that carries the mark of time and guards the ancient legends. Whether it is placed on your desk to bring inspiration to your workday or becomes a unique feature in your study, it will stand out. Whenever you look at it, you will feel the charm of history and the elegance of art.
Owning this silver statue of Diana from Versailles is a journey through a thousand years of history, a journey full of mystery, legend and aesthetics. Not only that, but it also represents an admiration and appreciation of ancient Roman culture that will add to your collection. The silver statue of Diana from the Palace of Versailles will amaze you every day with its extraordinary craftsmanship and unparalleled story. To buy this statue is not only to buy a piece of craftsmanship, but also to buy a piece of history, a legend, a memory that you and I share. Now, let's embark on this amazing journey of art and history and experience the unique charm of the silver statue of Diana at the Palace of Versailles.
Metal Silver
Weight 200 g
purity 925
Face Value 10 Guards
Year 2023
Mintage (pcs) 200
Sizes (mm) 90 x 56.5 x 45 mm