Legendary Warriors: Achilles 1 oz Silver BU Round

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NT$ 1,180

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When the ancient myth was awakened again, when the invincible warrior wielded his spear again, the legend of Achilles got a brand new interpretation in the silver medallion. This is not only a silver medallion, but also a rousing poem, a flowing historical scroll.

Achilles, the heroic general of the Trojan War, his name, his story, his legend, are depicted one by one in the silver chapter. Every detail, every line, embodies our admiration and praise for this hero. This silver medallion is as hard and radiant as the character and spirit of Achilles. It speaks of his strength, his courage, his fearlessness, and silently tells the story of the ancient legend.
Whether you are a collector of precious metals or a lover of ancient cultures, you cannot afford to miss this Achilles silver medal. It is not only an elaborate silver medallion, but also a tangible piece of history and a symbol of a culture. Mastering this silver medallion is like mastering the power of Achilles. Let the story of Achilles continue in your hands, let the legend of Achilles continue in your life. Seize this opportunity to immortalize the image of this great warrior in your collection.
Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 999
Series 傳奇勇士系列
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated