The Royal Tudor Beasts 2023 The Bull of Clarence 2oz Silver Bullion Coin

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NT$ 2,425 (VAT) NT$ 2,425

NT$ 2,425

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The chapter of history is turning in our hands as the third piece in the Royal Tudor series is dedicated to the Clarence Bull. The symbol of majesty and fortitude, cast in 1 oz. of silver with a purity of 999.9, is an exquisite and striking symbol.

The obverse is designed by artist David Lawrence, capturing the strength and inspiration of the bull, inspired by the royal stone beast at Hampton Court Palace, with breathtaking details. The unique chainmail background pattern, like the bull's armor, not only symbolizes protection, but also adds to the security of the coin.
The reverse side features the official portrait of King Charles by Martin Jennings, who appears for the first time in the series, in a perfect blend of historical and contemporary royal elegance. Along the moat bridge of Hampton Court Palace, the blood and power of ten royal families is guarded by stone beasts. Today, this power is transformed into the Clarence Bull silver coin, waiting for you to collect it.
Against a secure chainmail background, the Clarence Bull coin is a perfect blend of British tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and art. 999.9 purity silver is crafted to investment grade standards, and we also offer you the choice of gold as well as sterling silver and platinum versions. Let the mark of history become your unique collection.

Special Features

  • The third coin in the series

  • David Lawrence's design is inspired by the stone beasts of Hampton Court Palace
  • The reverse side is the first time the series is presented in the portrait of King Charles
  • Coin background with chain texture for extra security


英國皇家鑄幣廠(The Royal Mint)是一家在全球範圍內享有崇高聲譽的金屬貨幣和紀念品的生產商。成立於逾千年前的公元886年,其經驗豐富且堅實的歷史使其成為全球最古老的鑄幣廠之一。除了為英國打造法定貨幣外,皇家鑄幣廠還負責生產數以百計的不同國家的貨幣,並且提供各種紀念幣、收藏品和投資金條。


  1. 品質保證:作為一個擁有逾千年歷史的機構,皇家鑄幣廠一直堅持著最高的製造標準,提供頂級的品質保證。

  2. 豐富的產品線:皇家鑄幣廠提供各種類型的商品,從投資級金條和銀條,到精美的紀念幣和收藏品,能滿足各種不同的需求。

  3. 全球認可:皇家鑄幣廠的產品在全球都被廣泛認可,這意味著無論您身在何處,這些產品都將保持其價值。

  4. 獨特的收藏價值:許多由皇家鑄幣廠生產的商品,尤其是紀念幣和收藏品,都具有獨特的藝術價值和歷史意義,對於收藏家來說具有特殊吸引力。



光亮未流通(Brilliant Uncirculated) 或 BU 幣是指從未流通過的錢幣。顧名思義,未流通的精美錢幣保留了剛從鑄幣廠出來時的光彩和光澤,有時被稱為“鑄幣狀態”。光亮未流通幣採用手工打磨和拋光模具壓印,以產生一致的光澤,雖然 BU 幣的標準比金條和流通錢幣更高。但它們沒有精鑄幣的額外細節和表面處理水平,這就意味著它可能會帶有一些生產過程中的正常痕跡,例如磨損、氧化、白斑或鑄造痕跡等。這些特性並不會影響其作為貨幣的基本價值,但對於某些尋求精鑄幣的收藏家來說,這些可能會被視為錢幣的美學缺陷。所以在您選擇購買之前,我們希望您能了解並接受這種商品的這些特性。如果您對此有所理解並同意,我們歡迎您隨時下單購買。

Metal Silver
Weight 2oz
purity 9999
Face Value 2 Pounds
Year 2023
Series 英國皇家都鐸神獸
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Issuing Country United Kingdom
Manufacturer The Royal Mint
Sizes (mm) 38.6 x 0 mm