POWER OF GREEN DRAGON 5 Oz Silver Coin 10$ Niue 2024

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NT$ 18,900 (VAT) NT$ 18,900

NT$ 18,900

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In Eastern culture, the dragon is not only a symbol of power and strength, but is also regarded as a divine creature that brings good fortune, prosperity and luck, symbolizing the cycle of life, regeneration and bountiful gifts.

The image of the dragon was often used by the royal family to show their supremacy and ruling power, while the people believed that the dragon could bring rain and ensure a good harvest.


The engraving of the dragon is extremely detailed, with each scale, claw and mane coming to life as if they were ready to fly out of the coin at any moment.

This is not only a commemorative coin, but also a unique work of art, with a limited edition of only 333 coins worldwide.

Each one has a marginal number, guaranteeing its authenticity and suggesting that the year 2024 will bring endless blessings and good fortune to its holder.

Take advantage of the opportunity to own this rare silver coin with its oriental charm and make a priceless addition to your collection!

Metal Silver
Weight 5 oz
purity 999
Face Value 10 Dollars
Year 2024
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Niue
Mintage (pcs) 333
Sizes (mm) 65 mm