PETRA Rock Cut Monuments 5 Oz Silver Coin 50 Cedis Ghana 2024

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NT$ 11,250 (VAT) NT$ 11,250

NT$ 11,250

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Discover the ancient wonders of Petra, a rock-carved historical site tucked away in the heart of the Jordan Desert. This work of art, carved into the bright rose-red walls of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reveals the deep history of the Nabateans, whose origins date back to 312 BC. Passing through the narrow Siq, a breathtaking passage through the canyon, you will witness a symbolic treasure, an architectural masterpiece. This 5-ounce Petra silver coin is a fitting tribute to this ancient wonder. Struck in high relief, the coin's face captures every detail of the treasure, and through this ancient technique, it perfectly illustrates the fascinating story of a lost civilization.

The rock-carved ruins are more than just a destination. It's an adventure that leads you deep into the ancient world, a journey that begins with the silver coins of Petra.

Metal Silver
Weight 5 oz
purity 999
Face Value 50 Cedis
Year 2024
Technology 超高浮雕
Quality Antique
Mintage (pcs) 999
Sizes (mm) 55 x 0 mm
Packaging 盒裝