MARCO POLO 5 Oz Silver Coin 25$ Solomon Islands 2024

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NT$ 16,980 (VAT) NT$ 16,980

NT$ 16,980

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致敬那位開啟東西方世界之門的偉大旅行家 在1274年,馬可波羅首度踏足中國,開啟了他長達24年的傳奇之旅。

Paying tribute to the great traveler who opened the door between the Eastern and Western worlds, In 1274, Marco Polo first set foot in China, embarking on his legendary journey that lasted 24 years. His travels not only enriched the history of the Age of Exploration but also laid the foundation for our understanding of today's interconnected world. Now, through this exquisite 5-ounce silver coin, you can personally experience the charm of Marco Polo's travels. Each coin is elegantly adorned with a captivating dark red Mother of Pearl, highlighting its extraordinary value. Embark on your numismatic journey and be among the first to collect this extremely limited-edition treasure!



Metal Silver
Weight 5 oz
purity 999
Face Value 25 Dollars
Year 2024
Technology 琺瑯
Quality 超音波處理與彩色珍珠母貝
Issuing Country Solomon Islands
Mintage (pcs) 750
Sizes (mm) 65 mm
Packaging 盒裝