ZHU RONG God of Fire 2 Oz Silver Coin 10000 Francs Chad 2024

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NT$ 7,880 (VAT) NT$ 7,880

NT$ 7,880

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Zhu Rong (Zhu Rong) - The Legend of a Celestial Warrior in Extraordinary Relief Art This enchanting 2 oz Zhu Rong commemorative silver coin skillfully combines ancient Chinese mythology with the pursuit of cosmic exploration, paying the highest tribute to the deity of flames. As China's Mars rover "Zhu Rong" explored the red planet in 2020, this coin not only commemorates the mythological tales of the God of Fire but also symbolizes humanity's quest and dreams in the uncharted realms of space.

The obverse of the coin depicts Zhu Rong's formidable presence amidst volcanic eruptions, highlighting his unique status as a primal force of nature. Accompanying him is the Vermilion Bird, an emblem of the blazing fire of summer, further cementing Zhu Rong's supreme status as a force of nature and the heavens.

The reverse side of the coin brilliantly captures Zhu Rong in the fervor of battle, commanding natural elements and guarded by two majestic twin dragons. In Chinese culture, these dragons represent strength and protection, soaring among the rugged Martian landscape, displaying divine elegance and power. Their depiction not only symbolizes Zhu Rong's unparalleled strength but also his authority as the ruler of the heavens, further enhanced by the backdrop of Mars.

This coin is not only a collector's treasure but also a gateway to a universe where mythology and space exploration intertwine. It celebrates Zhu Rong's grandeur in myth, mirrored in the legendary imagery of the twin dragons, and honors the historical journey of his name to Mars, making it a unique fusion of history, mythology, and interstellar exploration.

Metal Silver
Weight 2 oz
purity 999
Face Value 10000 法郎
Year 2024
Technology 超高浮雕
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Tchad
Mintage (pcs) 500
Sizes (mm) 45 x 0 mm
Packaging 盒裝
Accessories Capsule