NIKOLA TESLA Bulb Inlay 80th Anniversary 2 Oz Silver Coin 2000 Francs Cameroun 2023

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NT$ 11,280 (VAT) NT$ 11,280

NT$ 11,280

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NIKOLA TESLA 80th Anniversary of death (1856 – 1943) commemorative coin with real lamp and Tesla plasma coil!

Tesla was a visionary who profoundly changed our understanding of electricity and energy. Commemorating the 80th anniversary of his passing, this coin pays tribute to one of the most outstanding figures of the last century.

The reverse side of this coin showcases Tesla's iconic portrait, holding a genuine neon light bulb! When the coin comes close to Tesla's coil, this small light bulb lights up! In this remarkable case, the coin comes with a plasma sphere!*

The obverse of the coin features the coat of arms of the Republic of Cameroon, the year of issue, and face value, along with a highly detailed depiction of Tesla, in front of which is Roger Boskovich's work "Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis" and his high-frequency transformer's helical coil, located at 46 East Houston Street, New York.

As a celebration of Tesla's spirit of exploration, this precious item offers collectors and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to appreciate the legacy of a revolutionary thinker whose groundbreaking ideas continue to inspire and shape the world we live in today. This 2-ounce commemorative silver coin for the year 2023 is a lasting tribute to the extraordinary achievements of Nikola Tesla and his relentless pursuit of scientific advancement.

Metal Silver
Weight 2 oz
purity 999
Face Value 2000 法郎
Year 2023
Technology 燈泡鑲嵌
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Cameroun
Mintage (pcs) 300
Sizes (mm) 50 mm
Packaging 盒裝
Additional Purchases
Include 電漿球