Niue - 2024 - 12 Dollars - Ao Dragon Embracing Millennia of Charm 5oz (Gilded)

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NT$ 17,870 (VAT) NT$ 17,870

NT$ 17,870

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2024 Niue Ao Dragon Gilded Silver Coin 5 oz - Ascending to the Peak in Dragon Form

Traverse through myths and legends, draw strength, and move towards the future.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless legend of the carp leaping over the dragon gate, Niue proudly presents the 2024 "Ao Long Cheng Xiang" gold-plated commemorative silver coin. This exceptional numismatic tribute celebrates the auspicious "Ao Long" symbol, revered in Chinese culture for embodying the virtues of courage, wisdom, and perseverance. Embodying this inspiring narrative, the coin empowers you to grasp the essence of this legendary tale and carry its message of unwavering determination with you.

To pay tribute to heritage

Front: The front of the "Auspicious Dragon" gold-plated commemorative silver coin features a lifelike relief depicting the scene of a carp leaping through the Dragon Gate and transforming into a majestic azure dragon. This dynamic image symbolizes a firm will to strive upwards and bravely break through, inspiring us to be like the "Auspicious Dragon," forging ahead through brambles and thorns, overcoming difficulties, and realizing our ideals in our hearts.

Reverse: Flipping the coin over, the reverse side ingeniously presents the pattern of "Kui Xing Kicking the Dipper." Kui Xing, also known as "Wenqu Star," symbolizes wisdom, academic and official honors in traditional culture. The handle of the Big Dipper, kicked by Kui Xing's feet, represents the beautiful implication of guiding direction and ascending step by step.

Key selling points:

  • Profound in symbolic significance, the carp leaping over the dragon's gate represents striving and success, while the story of Kui Xing kicking the Dipper embodies Confucian values.
  • Limited edition of 159 pieces, precious and rare, highlighting the value of collection.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship, a 5-ounce gold-plated silver coin, showcases a noble texture.
  • Auspicious meaning, released at 12:34 on Lunar New Year, symbolizing good luck and smooth progress in all things.

Owning this silver coin is not only a testament to your appreciation of history and culture, but it can also inspire you to uphold the Confucian spirit and strive for excellence in the coming year!

Metal Silver
Weight 5 oz
purity 999
Face Value 12 Dollars
Year 2024
Issuing Country Niue
Mintage (pcs) 159
Sizes (mm) 60 mm
Packaging 盒裝