2023 Gabon Dragon and Phoenix for Valentine Day and 520 1.8oz Silver Coin

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NT$ 6,950 (VAT) NT$ 6,950

NT$ 6,950

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2023 Gabon Dragon and Phoenix Auspicious Antique Silver Coin - A Mythical Encounter Across Time

The mythical interpretation that transcends ancient and modern times

The dragon and phoenix have been regarded since ancient times as symbols of auspiciousness, harmony, and prosperity. This commemorative silver coin, with its exquisite minting craftsmanship, brings this classic pattern vividly onto the surface of the coin. On the coin, the dragon and phoenix intertwine in dance, their postures elegant and movements harmonious, as if narrating myths and legends passed down through the ages. The auspiciousness and strength of the dragon protect the beauty and grace of the phoenix, symbolizing eternal love, happiness, and flourishing prosperity, adding a profound and beautiful cultural significance to the collection.

Exquisite craftsmanship forged limited edition treasures

Each 2023 Gabon Dragon and Phoenix Auspicious Commemorative Silver Coin is crafted with high-grade casting techniques, bringing to life the scales and feathers of the dragon and phoenix in exquisite detail. The texture of the scales and feathers is clearly visible, as if imbued with vitality. The coin undergoes an antique treatment, giving its surface a unique luster that seems to traverse through the annals of history, conveying a profound sense of historical depth and cultural heritage. The obverse displays the graceful dance of the dragon and phoenix in harmonious motion, symbolizing their mutual guardianship and profound love. The phoenix, reborn from the flames and soaring high, represents renewal and development, adding profound significance to the overall design. The reverse cleverly integrates the theme into a tower pattern, supplemented with details such as the national emblem of Gabon, issuing country, denomination, year of issue, and weight.

Key selling points:

  • Limited Edition: Globally limited to 1,118 pieces, highlighting its precious rarity.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Utilizing advanced casting techniques, the dragon and phoenix details are rendered with lifelike accuracy, making scales and feathers clearly visible. Vivid and lifelike, as if the mythical creatures have leapt onto the coin.
  • Antique processing: The unique glossy texture reveals a sense of historical depth and cultural heritage.
  • 精美套裝: 附有展示盒及真品證書,方便收藏展示。
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Each silver coin comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring the source and collectible value of the coin.

The 2023 Gabon Dragon and Phoenix Auspicious Silver Coin Collection embodies artistic value, cultural significance, the implication of gifting, and potential for collection, making it an unparalleled choice for presenting to friends and relatives, or for investment and collection.

Metal Silver
Weight 1.8 oz
purity 999
Face Value 1118 france
Year 2023
Quality Antique
Issuing Country Gabon
Mintage (pcs) 1118
Sizes (mm) 50 mm
Packaging 盒裝