Truney offers a variety of landmark and scenic precious metal products, carefully selected to provide both price and investment value for investors and collectors. This includes the 2023 Northern Lights Silver Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, the 2022 Maya Pyramid Chichen Itza Silver Coin, the 2022 Heritage Icon Series - Egypt Silver Coin, the 2022 Virgin Mary Hundred Flowers Holy Temple Rose Stained Glass Window Silver Coin, the 2023 Taj Mahal Antique Silver Coin, the 2022 Eastern and Western Hemisphere Silver Coin Set, the 2022 Tiffany Art Series - St. Peter's Basilica Silver Coin, the 2022 Earth Ecosystem Series - Desert Silver Coin, the 2020 Ten Precious Metal Bar Coin Set - Shanghai, and the 2021 Endangered Nature - Great Barrier Reef High Relief Silver Coin.

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