1 oz Silver Round - Aztec

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NT$ 1,193

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This charming 1 oz. 999 sterling silver medallion skillfully depicts the mystery and subtlety of the Aztec calendar, conveying an ancient civilization that spans thousands of years. A product of history and culture, the Aztec silver medallion is a journey through time and space. It combines precious silver elements, ancient Aztec wisdom and exquisite modern craftsmanship to bring you this Aztec silver medallion in your hands.

Special Features

  • Contains 1 ounce of 999 pure silver, showing the nobility and uniqueness of silver.

  • The front reveals the delicate details of the Aztec calendar, making it seem as if you can touch the pulse of an ancient civilization.
  • The reverse side depicts a majestic view of the Aztec pyramids, surrounded by a strong Aztec motif, and the weight and purity of the silver medallion are clearly marked.


光亮未流通(Brilliant Uncirculated) 或 BU 幣是指從未流通過的錢幣。顧名思義,未流通的精美錢幣保留了剛從鑄幣廠出來時的光彩和光澤,有時被稱為“鑄幣狀態”。光亮未流通幣採用手工打磨和拋光模具壓印,以產生一致的光澤,雖然 BU 幣的標準比金條和流通錢幣更高。但它們沒有精鑄幣的額外細節和表面處理水平,這就意味著它可能會帶有一些生產過程中的正常痕跡,例如磨損、氧化、白斑或鑄造痕跡等。這些特性並不會影響其作為貨幣的基本價值,但對於某些尋求精鑄幣的收藏家來說,這些可能會被視為錢幣的美學缺陷。所以在您選擇購買之前,我們希望您能了解並接受這種商品的這些特性。如果您對此有所理解並同意,我們歡迎您隨時下單購買。

Metal Silver
Weight 1oz
purity 999
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Sizes (mm) 39.2 x 0 mm
Thickness (mm) 3.2 mm